Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage stores on Etsy

Etsy have a wealth of great shops with incredible gems of vintage greatness. Have a trawl through the Vintage category. It's not just clothes either, lots of accessories and furniture bits too. Here are a few I picked:

wool plaid Pendleton jacket
Wool plaid Pendleton jacket by erstwhilevintage

Find ErstWhileVintage Here>

Red ruffled eighties frock from Vvlutz
Red ruffled eighties frock from Vvlutz

Find Vvlutz here>

Vintage Royal Blue Hawaiian Kimono Style Dress
Vintage Royal Blue Hawaiian Kimono Style Dress

Find Love Street Vintage here> (ok so I'm having a Kimono crush lately after seeing Jessica Lange's costumes for her role as Edith Beale in Grey Gardens).

Gold Leaf lace dress by GIMMENicole
Gold Leaf lace dress by GIMMENicole

Find GIMMENicole here>

Monday, January 11, 2010

Addicted to that Mad Men Style

Recently, thanks to the wonderful RTE iplayer I have become utterly obsessed and addicted to Mad Men. I know I am some-what behind this as the series aired back in 2007, though I am catching up. So much so that I flew through two seasons on the player (available til June 2010) and now searching for the next series online.

Mad Men runs on AMCTV network in the US and is a show based around 'Ad men' based in New York city in the 1960's. The show focuses on two main characters Don Draper, and Peggy Olson. Mathew Weiner is one of the producers on the show, some may know him from working on The Sopranos. It's not just the characters, or the storyline that is superb, but also the much talked about style and glam on the show.

The style on the show is awesome, nothing is out of place, and you would almost swear it was recorded over 40 years ago during the period it was set. I guess also it adds to what those in the film/theatre know would describe as the mise-en-scene of the show.

AMCTV have a great blog, a specific blog should I say, for the fashion elements of Mad Men, Fashion File. It's great to follow. Recently Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant spoke about the clothes and how modern-day women could take inspiration :

There's a fine line between looking like you've been influenced by the early '60s, and looking like you're going to a theme party for the early '60s!

Byrant has been interviewed by tons of fashion mags already including Vanity Fair, Glamour Mag, New York Magazine, and NYLON. She also worked on costume design for Deadwood, so has plenty of expertise in costume design.

The character of Joan Holloway(played by the brilliant Christina Hendricks) epitomises my entire fashion obsession with the show. Holloway is the head secretary, responsible for all the other secretaries in the offices of Sterling-Cooper ad agency though at times you think she feels her job is as educating these women in 'how to be ladies'....

She is sassy and bold, and the style, the dresses, and the hair-dos in which she is adorned captures her every bit of the by-gone era I adore.

Mad Men yourself here, and follow Janie Byrant on twitter here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sequins are a girl's best friend

Early in the January sales I picked up this wicked sequin dress in Dorothy Perkins. It was to be my New Years Eve party frock, but due to a slight bout of sickness, my exciting sparkly night out was not to be. Roll on last weekend and I sure made up for it with a night on the town and the ladies. I picked up an awesome shoulder padded blazer in Awear on Friday, and together they were just a match made in heaven! Not so vintage, but oh so gorgeous!

Sequins are also quite dangerous to wear. If you're wearing a full dress or piece, you definitely need something to absorb some of sparklyness. Is that a word? It is now! Anyway, both sequins and 'shoulders' (I guess with extra padding!) are due to be big in the year of 2010 having frequented both the London and Paris fashion weeks last autumn.

Oh and hey, check out the Awear Blog.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dublin Christmas Flea Market

This Sunday December 21st, Dublin Food Coop Building, Newmarket, Dublin 8


Monday, November 24, 2008

Roll on the next flea!

Just recovering from yesterdays first Dublin Flea Market...
Although I am probably recovereing from the hangover I had at yesterdays Flea Market, but didn't get a chance to!

Top Five Tips for the Market

1. Do not go out the night before...
2. Make a list of things you need to bring..scissors, bags, mirror,lights,(camera ...action!)
3. Buy a proper wardrobe rail, specifically one that does not collapse whilst people looking through your stall..
4. Networking with fellow stallees
5. Bring extra hangers,and reusable plastic bags

There was a wide range of stalls at the market, selling everything from household items, vintage kids clothing, chinese wall hangings, jewellery and the usual bits and bobs.

Would have been a nicer pic if I had smiled!!

All in all, it was a great day, and we got to meet some brilliant people.

Roll on the xmas flea!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lady Dotty Heading to the Dublin Flea Market this Weekend!

"There was once a flea market where the Stephens Green Shopping Centre now stands....there was old mother redcaps off thomas st until it was bulldozed to the ground.....
Dublin used to have quite a few flea markets to rummage through on any given weekend until Grafton st and Henry st took over.

Introducing....the new******* DUBLIN FLEA MARKET********
Making its first appearence Nov 23rd in the Dublin Food Coop Building, Newmarket (off Cork st), featuring either fortnightly or monthly from then on.

There'll be musicians, food stalls, a music room, organic goods, vintage goods, bikes, records, art, trinkets, what nots, furniture, bric-a-brac and loads more.....all indoors"

Check out the event here on Facebook